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Seven years ago, the Leverentz family was invited by extended family to Living Waters Bible Camp for a family reunion. They loved it so much that they’ve been back every single year since; serving in the kitchen and signing the kids up to be campers.

One reason they enjoy camp is forming many godly relationships with older godly couples while staying in the valley. They realize the stages of life and have been able to see guidance and prayer support from couples who have been through the marriage and parenting life stages in which they currently live. “To have their wisdom and knowledge has been a blessing for our family,” shares Keith. When they come back from year to year, they check in with the Leverentz crew and follow up with previous conversations. While relying on the wisdom of relationships with older couples, the Leverentz family also values being in relationship with other young families to learn together about parenting and marriage. Those times have been “priceless” as they have seen God use them in powerful ways. They are closer to the Lord and closer to each other because of the ministry of Living Waters.

The Leverentz family also value creation teaching which has had a “powerful impact on our family.” From studying birds and their design to fly and survive in Creation to experiencing the calm of God’s Creation, the chance to get away from technology and be able to rest is always a treat and a blessing.

The family has had big lessons that relate to serving and humility. To see people “so dedicated to serving our family” has really shown us how the staff and volunteers of Living Waters participate in a “culture of serving” that is “so honoring to God.” Now the Leverentz family can participate in that too, as they often serve together as dishwashers in the camp kitchen.

Living Waters remains one of the Leverentz family's favorite places to visit where they can have that attitude of serving together reinforced over and over again.


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