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Roger Felton and his daughter, Donna Melcher, have been around camp for all 50 years, serving and enjoying the work that God does here. Roger serves most often as the craft director, designing the (often wooden) crafts and then helping kids finish the crafts during the camp later on. Donna has served in more varied roles, early on as a dorm leader and dishwasher, but more recently as a craft director. She is also known for writing the material that teachers use during class times at camp for many years. They both love spending time with their families, who have continued to serve at camp with them as well.


“One year, I remember that during Boys Camp, the campers were making canoes with their dorms. All the kids were set up, working on the floor of the Rec Room. I had taken a nap that afternoon and decided to come see how the boys were doing on their canoes. It was one of the hottest days of the summer, probably around 95 degrees. I walked into the Rec Room, which lacked a lot of ventilation at the time, and started looking at all the canoes. As I was walking around, I saw one little boy, his T-shirt soaked in sweat, drilling into his cabin's canoe with an electric drill. I asked how he was doing, because he looked miserable, being all sweaty and hot. He looked up at me with a toothy grin and said, ‘Mr. Felton, this is the most fun I’ve ever had in my life!’ I think that camp is a great place for kids to experience new things like that.“

“My family has helped me serve here for so many years. This morning I got to take a picture out on the lawn with 15 of my great-grandchildren. It's amazing to think that each one of my children and grandchildren have been impacted by Living Waters.”


“I have been coming since the beginning of camp. Girls Camp was my first experience and since then I have dishwashed, dorm led, cooked, and directed crafts at camp. When I was asked to give an interview, I thought, ‘How do you wrap up 50 years of your life in one interview?’ Camp has impacted my family for over four generations. I get to serve with my dad, my husband, my sisters and my children every year! I think about all the kids that camp has impacted, the lives that have been changed through the years; that’s what Living Waters means to me.”

Thank you so much to Roger Felton and Donna Melcher for all your years of service!


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