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Though this year was by no means a normal one, Living Waters was blessed more than ever. COVID-19 impacted Bible camps throughout the country, leaving thousands unable operate due to restrictions, guidelines or lack of support from their core base. However, God did more than enough to allow us to operate through every roadblock. A plan was formed for covid and there was no outbreak of disease here at camp. Even the Summer Staff, more numerous than ever, failed to get the annual summer flu which inevitably runs through the staff. Thus, we thank God for His work in paving the way for the Gospel to be shared throughout each half-week of camp. 

The theme this year was Consider the Heavens, and, yet again, God provided clear skies for the featured Night Sky Adventure program so that each camp had a chance to experience camp's observatory. This incredibly impactful program was highlighted by the comet NEOWISE's appearance in the night sky for the first time in over 6000 years.

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