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The Path of Life theme was featured in 2021, leading campers to programs focusing on land animals. The Beasts of the Field program taught about how God created animals within different kinds while also giving kids an opportunity to feed and pet a horse, cow, sheep and a rabbit among other animals. Another program, Outdoor Gourmet, teaches how God provides for our every need while letting kids roast unusual game meats over a fire. 

Linus the monkey celebrated his 10th birthday and, though he is not nearly as cute as he once was, he still enjoys watching Gilligan's island on a regular basis.

The 50th anniversary was finally celebrated this year as it had to be cancelled the previous year due to the pandemic. Also, the Mt. St. Helens Adventure trip went out to Washington to see the wonders of God's creation with some of the foremost authorities on the subject in the country. These special events made 2021 an incredibly unique year, alongside the, yet again, record numbers of Summer Staff and campers that came through the valley. 


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