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This year's theme was once again Renew Your Strength and God provided the volunteers and the campers to increase the ministry here at camp. Campers experienced how God created bats to be great at flying in the dark and how missionaries bring the gospel to other lands through the plane. God especially blessed this year as, for the first time in recent memory, the eagles that usually nest somewhere in the adjacent Jersey Valley County Park nested in sight of the fort here at camp. It was amazing to show campers the baby eaglets growing up over the course of the summer.

Foundation Campers laid down the bricks for several new sidewalks around the bathhouse as well as for the new dorms Wisconsin and Hummingbird, which were completed later the same year.

However, possibly the most memorable and long-lasting event of the summer was the flood that occurred on August 28th. This major, once in at least 600 years rain event, obliterated the spillway connected to the Jersey Valley Dam and allowed a flood to flow through the valley, nearly missing the Tower and hitting the Fort head on. We thank the Lord that no one was hurt and that the camp sustained only cosmetic damage. It is nothing short of a miracle that God spared what was built up on the east end of the valley.

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